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Strive To Be A Champion (of Others)

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Countdown to the New Year!

Countdown to the New Year!

Our early bird countdown to 2014 continues (Today is “2”. I previously included New Year’s Day in my countdown, so we just jumped over “3”).

If you read my posts with regularity, you already know that I follow Sam Parker’s work with GiveMore. Today he sent a list of top 5 lessons from 2013. As always, the messages are inspiring.

Just in time for our New Year’s countdown,  I am sharing a “best of GiveMore” post with you. Yesterday, we focused on appreciation . Today, the message is that a key to making 2014 your Best Year Ever is to be and find a Champion. 

The link below is to a TED talk by Rita Pierson. In Sam Parker’s words, “Remember … Never discount the value of human connection and the importance of the words and thoughts you allow to surround yourself. Both are the beginning of everything. Really.”

Click here to enjoy the TED talk.

That’s it for today.

Make it a great day!

~ Tess

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Appreciation At 0600: A Great Way To Impact 2014!

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Countdown To Your Best Year Ever

Countdown To Your Best Year Ever

Season’s Greetings :). Today, we continue to count down to the New Year.

The doors open early on this event. We are 4 days from 2014, and there’s nothing like a countdown to get you motivated. By starting today, you’ll be ready for the fresh start headed your  way.

I highly recommend setting a tone for the New Year with a foundation of appreciation (I share my simple practice at the end of this post).

Appreciation is a skill and an art. Dale Carnegie crafted and shared  the art of appreciation in The Dale Carnegie Course. The course is based on his 2 bestsellers, “How To Win Friends and Influence People” and “How To Stop Worrying And Start Living”. Both books are a must read :).

When I worked for Dale Carnegie Training, I had the opportunity to participate in, assist and instruct The Dale Carnegie Course. Among my favorite of Dale Carnegie’s quotes is, Nothing else so inspires and heartens people as words of appreciation. You an I may soon forget the words of encouragement and appreciation that we  utter now, but the person to whom we have spoken them may treasure them and repeat them to themselves over a lifetime.”

Appreciation raises vibration, and it is beneficial for all involved. Whether you are giving or receiving appreciation, your heart beats a little more loudly, you become grounded and everything is right with the world, if just for a short time.

We often talk about wanting to achieve more in the coming year while living in appreciation of what we already have. Most of my problems, and possibly most of yours are what are commonly called ‘First World Problems’. As I prepare to share my daily appreciation practice with you, I think that it is important to set a baseline for appreciation.  Click here to ground yourself.

Welcome back! I hope that you enjoyed your video. On to my simple practice:

  1. You will need an empty jar, slips of paper, stationary and a computer available.
  2. Each morning, before you begin getting ready for work or getting the kids off to school (perhaps at 0600 hours), take 5 minutes of quiet time in a private space. Write an e-mail or brief note of appreciation to someone who has shown you kindness or set a good example for you now or previously in your life. Mentioning personal traits, along with an example or evidence of that trait make particularly compelling messages.
  3. On a slip of paper, write the date and the name of the individual, along with three words of appreciation. Place the slip it in jar. If you have name and address, prepare a stamped envelope and get it ready to mail.  If you have no way of sending your message via e-mail or post, jot a few notes on a piece of paper, along with the individual’s name. Place the message in a jar and wish that individual well.
  4. The magic is complete. Your message and your energy are finding their way to physically (or energetically) to the recipients of your appreciation.
  5. By employing this simple strategy, you are successfully starting each day from a perspective of appreciation. Now and again, give yourself a lift by reviewing  the slips of paper in the jar. I would venture to guess that the longer you continue this practice, the more the spirit of appreciation will find its way into your life.
  6. That’s it for Day 4 of the New Year’s countdown. We’re only left with ready, set and go!

Make it a great week. As always, I welcome your comments!

~ Tess

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Improve Your Likelihood of Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions!

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Countdown To Your Best Year Ever!

Countdown To Your Best Year Ever

Season’s Greetings! 

Today begins the 5-Day countdown to the New Year.
This is my favorite countdown.
There is a fresh start headed your way.
It’s nearly resolution time!

If you’re looking for an improved likelihood that you’ll keep your resolutions, you may want to pop over to my book site to find 2 tools that will definitely insure that 2014 will be your Best Year Ever: http://buildingapowerfulvisionboard.com/.

You may also want to check out my video that will pump you up:

Make it a great week. As always, I welcome your comments!

~ Tess

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Finding The Time To Do What You Love…

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Live What You Love!

Live What You Love!

While the title of the article below is a bit tongue in cheek, there is truth and value in its message. We are not always in a position, based on life circumstance and responsibility, to pursue our passions and dreams on a full-time basis.

Enjoy the read and know that the amount of time you have available to pursue your passion is not as important as committing to it!

Here’s the link:    http://www.theonion.com/articles/find-the-thing-youre-most-passionate-about-then-do,31742/

Make it a great week, and as always, I welcome your comments.

~ Tess

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Another Lesson in Vision: Don’t Put the Cart Before The Horse

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Me First!!!

Me First!!!

A huge round of applause for Michael Hyatt’s article, titled “Why Vision Is More Important Than Strategy”.  I find that Michael’s recommendations are always spot-on.

As you move through the holidays, making plans to chill the bubbly, listen to Michael Buble and create resolutions for 2014, you might find my new book, Building A Powerful Vision Planner: A One-Year Guide To Creating A Life You Love the perfect tool to expand your vision, maintain momentum, and transform your life.

Stay healthy and warm, if you are living in a wintry climate. One cold/flu per year is enough for me, and I’m resurfacing after mine. I’m especially focused on my health and wellness goals from today forward!

As always, I welcome your comments and make it a great week 🙂

~ Tess

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