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Link to Gratitude in Building A Powerful Vision

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Achieve Your Vision through the Heartspace of Gratitude

Achieve Your Vision through the Heartspace of Gratitude

The Building A Powerful Vision journey is rooted in Gratitude. That being said, it is easy for the challenges, contests and interactions of our day to day lives to separate us from our appreciation of the ease, options and convenience that is available to us in the modern era.

Today, I offer a meditation I found on YouTube. Click on the meditation video title to enjoy:  Start Your Day – Guided Meditation This meditation was created by Amandasonic.

If you enjoy the meditation, add it as a bookmark on your computer or add it as a favorite in your YouTube account. As I fly through my days, these are the ways that I capture links that help me refocus and center my energy on the task at hand or the challenges ahead. This is one of the ways that I remain, at most, one click away from gratitude.

As always, I welcome your comments. Make it a great week!

~ Tess


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A “Good Bad Day”

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Good morning! I offer this as a mid-week check-in to those who are Building A Powerful Vision for their lives. The world swirls about us as we go about our good work. If the stress and negativity around you is bringing you down, this blog post may inspire you. I end my blog posts with “Make it a great week”. The great week is a sum total of our days… great days, tough days and good days. May yours be a good day…
~ Tess

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bad good day

I am sure everyone has a bad day now and then.  A day that starts off poorly and just doesn’t seem to get any better.  A day that starts off negatively and each part of the day keeps leading you in the same direction, DOWN.   A day where we feel like everyone is against us.   In all reality though, we really don’t have control over WHAT happens to us, but we can control HOW we react to it.

I had one of these days today.  A day that felt like every time I took two steps forward I would fall three steps back.  I began reacting to the day with the pessimistic attitude that I was feeling and dragging myself deeper into the negativity. Then I thought about it.  Why not just accept the reality, recognizing that it is what it is and that there is nothing that I…

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Essential Elements of Success: #1) Belief

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chinese symbol for belief17

Trust. Faith. Confidence. These are three keys to belief. Attending to the health of your belief in yourself and your belief in the outcomes you seek is critical to success. I often think of Belief as coming in two varieties. The first variety of belief is trusting in that which is unseen. This is belief of the “faith” variety. This belief may be built on previous success, knowledge of someone’s character or soundness of an idea or business plan. The second variety is the belief that grows from seeing results, or proof.  Building and maintaining belief is essential to accomplishment, and is needed in large quantities before the accomplishment arrives.

Take a look at your life, your career and your belief in your own ability to succeed. If you are in need of a boost in this area, enjoy the following video, narrated by one of my dear friends:  “You Are Special”

I welcome your comments and ideas on what contributes to or chips away at Belief.

As always, make it a great week!

~ Tess

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