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If You don’t Know Where You’re Going…

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Hmm.... Decisions, Decisions.

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.”

~ Cheshire Cat

I’m in the midst of two significant projects: Publishing and marketing  my first book (watch for it this spring) and leading an organization that is engaged in its first strategic plan. While reading some materials from Board Source about strategic planning, I came across the quote above from Lewis Carrol’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.  The statement is refreshing in its  simplicity and truth. You’ve got to know where you want to end up, or you will meander, rather than reach destination.

Cheshire Cat’s statement is a great reminder about getting clear on our priorities. It’s rather like a pep talk .

If you find yourself always asking which way to go and what your best course of action would be, you may want to pause and consider where you want to end up. Then, consider the path you’re on. Will it take you where you want to end up? If you need to correct you path, act now!

January is a great time of year to get clear on your priorities. We’re just three weeks  into the New Year, so if you discover that you need to back up and reroute, you have plenty of year to get where you want to go.

This week, do two simple things:

1) Decide what you would like your relationships/career/finances/creative projects to look at on 12/23/2012.  Write it down.

2) Picture how far along the path to your destination to you want to be on 06/23/2012.

3) Make a 5 month and an 11 month checklist of what needs to happen by your target dates so that you can begin to put needed action into perspective.

4) Watch an inspiring video to get your energies flowing. Here’s one you may enjoy: Simply The Best mind movie.

5) Begin.

Enjoy examining the path you’re on. As usual, I welcome your comments. As always, make it a great week.

~ Tess

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Busy Need Not Equate To Off-Balance

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January is a remarkably busy month for most of us. After the confetti settles, we pick up where business and projects left off as the Holidays ramped up. Suddenly, we have deadlines and taxes and New Year’s resolutions to address.

Before you know it, the work/life balance you may have acquired in December is but a dim memory. I have recently found a resource, thanks to my niece, that you may enjoy. It helps stop the merry-go-round feeling.  Try this every day for just a moment. In the moment, you can find balance and accomplish what’s important to you until the 2012 Holidays roll around.

One Moment Meditation by Martin Boroson is quite delightful.

As always, make it a great week, and I welcome your comments.

~ Tess

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Get Into The Groove (of tapping into your most creative self) And Stay There

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Let Your Music Play

Do you remember how, when an album dropped on the stereo,  the needle of a record-player would take a few moments to get into the groove before the music began? Take a moment and recall the rhythm of the seconds before a song begins. Is it three revolutions or four?

To me, the example above is what getting into my groove is all about, and it may be the same for you. Whether this new year is about heading in a new career direction, taking on a creative project just for you or reinventing your life, it’s important to know what it is that gets you into your groove so that you can be inspired and accomplish more.

I’ve found two resources that have help me tap into my creativity. One is a terrific wikiHow article about staying inspired. I’ve read or heard much of the information before, but I can use it as a great resource when concentration and creativity aren’t flowing. I’ve bookmarked the article on my computer for days when I sense that I’m getting stalled. The other resource is a link to an amazing AOL nature radio station. I found it when I recently subscribed to tunein.com.  The nature station has a twofold benefit:  It helps me quiet my mind enough to go deep into the zone of accomplishment.  I also use it for relaxation when I need to quiet my mind.

Here are the useful links for you:

Wiki ways to stay inspired

Sounds of nature

As always, I welcome your comments and make it a great week!

~ Tess

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