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Talk about it,Talk about it, Talk about it, Oooh Yeah!

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I’ve spent many months sharing ways to create a vision for your future through Vision Boards.  In the coming months,  we’ll work on adding other senses to the mix.  Talking about your vision will exercise a different set of muscles.  Giving your vision board a soundtrack is also a great sensory tool that will heighten the emotion and enhance your vision, as well.

I’ll be back next week with new ideas to share. In the meanwhile, get out into the late summer air and drink in the last days of summer!

Be well,


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Gems of Wisdom

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I’m cleaning my studio space – AGAIN. My studio is an all-purpose room for me, so its contents get moved around and about pretty often.

Yesterday was an interesting day. While  moving a stack of vision boards that I’ve started , some of which are still in pretty raw form,  I saw the seeds of the life that’s sprouting, along with the wisdom I need to heed.

I lined up the boards to see how they represent what’s going on in my process. I’m discovering that my vision boards are my advice to me. On a day to day basis, I’m really good at coaching others. I have to remember that I have advice for myself, as well.

As I ponder my business plan the professional elements it’ll include, here’s what my most recent Vision Board had to say to me:

Grow your own…Just as a seed contains all it needs to sprout, so you are already equipped to thrive…Launching success – One of a kind action plan…Ready. Set. Go!…Leadership and Operational Success…Long Live Happy…Be Kind – Do it Yourself: Make your next choice a healthy one…Expert advice to enrich your life & inspire your best self.

This board also included a quote I’d selected long ago (credited to Abraham-Hicks):  “Within the seed of your desire is everything necessary for it to blossom to fulfillment. And Law of Attraction is the engine that does the work. Your work is just to give it a fertile growing place in order to expand.”

My recent experience has helped clear up some foggy thinking about some important life choices – Maybe Widsom Board is a more appropriate title than Vision Board.

This week:

  • If you are a Vision Boarder – review your work from the past year. – Look for a message theme in what you’ve created.
  • If you are a Journaler – Read between the lines – look at reflections and thoughts rather than the the occasions and incidents to find the message that’s calling out to you.
  • Once you’ve completed this exercise, make an 8.5 X11 Vision Board that summarizes where you are in your life’s journey today. Date it, and hide it away for 60 days.  Set a date in your calendar (and the location of your board) and review it.

Have a great week 🙂


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At the Just Right Place At the Just Right Time

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All Systems Go!

This last week involved career travel. As I headed out of town, suitcases in hand, I felt as if I was lugging along an extra bag. The bag was heavy and cumbersome. Its tag read “Now? Now? Now? Now?”

Lucky me… life gave me some signals last week. While immersed in my day to day profession, I received some some soul food . As a result, I’m connecting the dots and gaining the confidence that I need to take the leap into my great future. I think I’m moving closer to now, Now, NOw, NOW! I can tell that I’m at the just right place at the just right time.  Now is when I need to trust my own processes.

What I’m doing to accelerate my process is creating individually themed 8.5 x 11 boards, along with lists of my ideal future.

These two activities help me to gain momentum and clarity and to set a trajectory for my future. Join me on the journey 🙂

I invite you to share how you concentrate and find your way to your future.

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