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332 Happy New Days!

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Happy 2013!!!

Happy 2013!!!

Happy 332 Days of 2013! Given the fact that the average case of the flu is lasting 18 days this season, I am right on time in sending my New Year’s greeting.

I have taken a few weeks off from blogging for holiday travel, attention to the flu season and 2013 firsts (first workshops, first Meetup) and business planning for the year (Destiny Rising and Apriori Beauty Team Building strategy).  Today is the day that I return to the topic of “Building A Powerful…2013”. As I write, I am sitting in a pub that I used to frequent after acting classes when I lived on Chicago’s North Side in the late 80’s.


It’s time to find your voice for 2013!  Something to think about when you envision what Building A Powerful 2013 will look like for you is the face that you are breathing the very same air that your heroes and mentors are breathing. You are likely just a few steps removed from leading the life you’d like to live.

I would like to introduce a method of visualizing that will help strengthen your resolve to build the life you want to live.

1: Reflect and Write: Spend about 15 minutes limitless thinking about and what you want to change, do and have in life (or in 2013). Using a blank piece of paper at least 8.5 x 11, write those things down.

2:  Elaborate (The 3rd Degree): Interview yourself about your list. If someone handed your list to you, you would probably be asked to elaborate on his or her ideas. As you take on the interviewer’s perspective, you might ask, “Who will benefit? Why do you want to do that? What will it mean to have that in your life?”

3: Declare Your Intention (Campaign Promises): Announce what you intend to accomplish or attract into your reality. You have done the visioning work- you’ve created an elaborate word picture in the previous two steps.  Now, you can claim it.  Turn your list into a paragraph that announces your intention. Once you have done this, you’re ready to put some incremental goals in place. Post this intention. Keep it nearby. Consider want to making a vision board (www.buildingapowerfulvisionboard.com) or typing up a clean copy of your statement, framing it or using it as the background on your computer or your phone.

4: List some specific goals for the journey to your intended outcome. For example, if your goal is to add $75,000 to your retirement by 2016, now would be a good time to describe the amount you intend to add by 2014, 2015 and 2015. Plan the work and work the plan.

5: Map your journey: Describe how you will get there. List the types of actions and activities you’ll  GET to do (not HAVE to do. Have to do sounds like work. Get to do means learning and expanding) to reach your intended outcome at each phase of your journey.

6:  Hitch up the wagon… we’re heading out! Decide how the first leg of your journey is going to play out. What are the few first steps that you will take and celebrate? Select some steps you can complete this week, and then get out there!

Best of luck with your plan. As always, I welcome your comments, and make it a great week.

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