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Are You Hammering Your Way Through Life?

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Two weeks ago, my husband forwarded some classic quotes to me. Within the e-mail was the following quote: “When tempted to fight fire with fire, remember that the Fire Department usually uses water.” (Author unknown)

I love the quote, and it reminds me that we need to use the correct tools in order to solve problems and accomplish goals.  Every day I receive opportunities to participate in webinars that introduce tools and methods for me to reach my peak financial performance. I am presented with business opportunities that will secure my financial independence. I review nearly all of them, because there is generally a nugget of gold in their message. However, I really need to select my set of tools and commit.

After three months of offers, I am nearly dizzy from the array of opportunities and the schedule I’d need to keep to tune into everyone’s message. While I was writing a piece about goals last week, I tuned into my own advice: You cannot be all things to all people.  Prioritize. Commit.  And so I have selected three authors and their tools to help me get to the next level the remainder of 2011 to help me get the job done (along with my savvy business coach Sharon Michaels (who is also an author). Along with my coach, three authors are the sails of my ship on this journey: Rich German (author of Monetize Your Passion), Brendon Burchard (author of The Millionaire Messenger) and Rhonda Cort (author of 4 Figures An Hour) . So, I’ve selected my set of tools. I don’t expect any one tool to handle every challenge and opportunity that comes my way. To do so would be like using a hammer to drive in nails, open cans, unlock doors and tighten screws.

When you think about the tools you are using to achieve your greatest goals, forward your business plans or solve a mystery that’s kept you in the dark awaiting its solution, what tools are you using to get the job done?

I encourage you t get familiar and get intimate with the tools most appropriate to get you to the finish line and begin your quest!  And, if you need a bit of inspiration, you might find that my tools for inspiration may work for you, too.

As always, I welcome your comments and Make It A Great Week.

~ Tess

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Setback…. Bounceback

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Boing! Boing! Boing!

A guy born in 55 wrote that It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters. When I say he was born in 55, I mean 55 A.D., not 1955. To Epictetus, suffering arises from trying to control what is uncontrollable, or from neglecting what is within our power. Philosophy, he taught, is a way of life and not just a theoretical discipline. I am amazed by the timelessness of this quote. Obviously, people have been encountering challenge since the dawn of time. The details may change, but it’s the human condition.

What is your “way of life”, when it comes to challenge, adversity, delay and setbacks? What is your consciousness level relative to “what happens to you”? Do your recognize a process or cycle that you go through mentally and/or physically during challenging times? While not yet time-tested, I am working on a plan for recognizing and recovering from setbacks I encounter. This is part of my own journey in business and in life. Here’s the plan I’m working on. Perhaps it can be effective for you, too:

  • Create a discipline of being aware of or sensing adversity just around the bend. Mind your instinct. At times you realize that you are on a path to adversity well in advance of a setback. Learn to study the signs and be an early responder. If you sense trouble ahead,  correct your course immediately in order to prevent the setback or to minimize a negative impact to others, your business and yourself . I’ve found that slight adjustments often make a huge difference in success over time. They can prevent failure, illness and financial demise. Take action when you sense trouble. If you own a small company and you’re afraid that payroll may become an issue in 120 days, do not delay! If you have fallen off of your points plan two days in a row and weigh-in is three days away, do not delay! If you have heard rumblings about jobs at your company being moved to another location in eighteen months and you sense that you may not have a job when that happens –  begin thinking about alternate careers, or where you can find work similar to your own,  consider a move – do not delay!
  • Make every attempt to keep calm and maintain  presence of mind during and after adversity. The “rush” to fix everything that is off track can be exciting, but your first response may not be the best response. Over time, we develop a set of knee jerk first responses in our lives. We may apply the same recipe for correction across all situations. To combat the effect of hammering at every challenge the same way, staying calm and creating options will likely speed your bounceback. Practicality helps you get back on track. I have found that effective solutions are often three-phased: Short-term/Mid-Term and Long-Term. When you don’t have to correct everything all at once, it’s often easier to stay the course of correction.
  • Seek advice about how to get back on track with an objective third-party – not those in your life who are quick to criticize or judge you and not those who will just sympathize with you and tell you that everyone else is at fault for your current circumstance (in other words, not those who will keep you in a perpetually emotional state). This is a terrific time to consider hiring a career or personal coach for a short duration – 60 or 90 days to start. Don’t mistake a coach for a therapist. Your coach is a mirror and a guide. Your coach will help you stay accountable for progress. Your coach helps you find your bridge to higher ground.
  • Begin. Check-in. Maintain. – Your Setback to Bounceback  timeframe generally depends on how radical an adjustment is needed. You’re more likely remain on track if you acknowledge your effort and progress. Acknowleging your effort is key to maintaining your correction plan.  The greatest reward for me in bouncing back from setbacks is most often the discoveries I make about  myself, my tenacity, my adaptability and my resourceful nature.

I wish you well on your journey and as always, welcome your comments and tales from the road.

~ Tess

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If You Ever Feel As If Life Is Unfair….Think Outside Yourself :)

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I do it, and chances are that you do it too. What is it? Oh, just thinking that life is rough and tough for me. Here’s a brief and clarifying reminder that if you’ve got a computer and the time to be reading my blog (which I truly appreciate), you have the power to expand your awareness of others’ needs. Here’s the genius I applaud this week: Tom’s Shoes. Read the story and the impact that one man has made on the world. When I read stories such as this, I want to rush to my creative place, brew a pot of coffee and pull an all-nighter so that I can find a way to make a practical difference in the lives of others.




~ Tess


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