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4 Words That Make Your Vision Pop!

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I Love Pop!

If you follow my Pinterest site: pinterest.com/DRTessDenton, you know that I focus on a 5-phase process for building a powerful Vision: Clarity, Hope, Confidence, Momentum, Happiness.  I have a Pinterest site for each of the 5 phases.

As I prepare to publish a Vision Planner later this year, I have discovered my powerful words for Building A Powerful Plan to Achieve Your Vision has 4 distinct phases: Vision, Belief, Progress, Accomplishment.

The Vision Planner will provide a year-long plan for forwarding your Vision. You’ll begin with your overarching vision, account for your major goals, then decide what you wish to accomplish in the next year, each quarter and each month. Naturally, I’m skimming the surface as I post this. There is much more to the process and the product, but I wanted to begin talking about the 4-phases in my writing, my broadcast and my workshops to set the stage for the release of the planner.

These are busy and productive months for all of us. I hope that you are finding this season creative, lucrative and energizing. Stay tuned for articles and updates that leading up to the planner that will feature the 4 words that make your vision pop!

As always, I welcome your comments.

Make it a great week!

~ Tess

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Taking Your Vision and Success to the Next Level

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Daily Schedule - Ben Franklin

Daily Schedule – Ben Franklin

In looking at the calendar today, I realized that I am nearing the 1,000 day mark for stepping into a more flexible lifestyle to support my goals in life. I calculated just how much time has passed since I started this journey. From and including: Wednesday, January 5, 2011 to and including: Saturday, September 14, 2013, 984 days have passed. I am reflecting on what I’ve accomplished in  2 years, 8 months, 10 days and what I need to illuminate, elaborate or eliminate in order to speed my journey and take my performance to a higher level.

I know that achieving a new level of success generally doesn’t happen on its own.  The “doing” in doing whatever it takes to succeed includes creating some new daily practices, even better planning and consistency of effort.

As is true of any endeavor I undertake, I research the habits of notable success figures to determine the ways in which I need to change my habits  to achieve more. As I’ve thought about this discipline thing, a Kahlil Gibran quote from The Prophet keeps popping into my head: “Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself”. The message in this quote for me is to create practice, habit and discipline, but not get so entrenched in the discipline that I drive others away or miss the joy of the journey.

Today’s blog photo is useful. It is one that I found on a blog post titled, “The Daily Routines of Famous Writers” (Blog title is  Brain Pickings). It is a picture of Ben Franklin’s daily routine. Since I was very young, I have been amazed by at Ben Franklin’s diversity, brilliance and zest for life.  The following is a list of Franklin’s accomplishments and areas of contribution  (compiled by Ralph Archbald,  famous for portraying Ben Franklin):

SCIENCE – Noted 18th Century Scientist

INVENTOR – Stove, lightning rod, bifocals and many others…

MEDICINE – Founded 1st U.S. Hospital

BANKING – Well known for maxims on thrift

AGRICULTURE – Introduced several crops to U.S.

PRINTING – Noted Colonial printer – “Patron Saint of Printing”

ELECTRICAL – Experiments and theories – Kite & Key

INSURANCE – Started 1st insurance company

HEATING – Franklin stove

COOLING – Had three methods of cooling

OPTOMETRIC – Bifocal glasses

POSTAL – First postmaster

LIBRARIES – Started 1st circulating library

PUBLIC SAFETY – Started 1st police department and fire department

MUSIC – Invented musical instrument – glass armonica

GOVERNMENT – Held numerous positions: Clerk, Postmaster, J.P., Alderman, Governor, Ambassador

MILITARY – Colonel in Militia

DIPLOMAT – Ambassador to England Minister to France

COMMUNITY SERVICE – Street lighting, paving and cleaning

UNIONS – Started Leather Apron Club

BUSINESSMAN – Owned and operated several businesses

PHILOSOPHER – Started American Philosophical Society

ABOLITIONIST – Started Society to Abolish Slavery

MERCHANT – Operated store as part of printshop

HUMORIST – Considered America’s 1st writer of humor

FORECASTER – Published Poor Richards “Almanack”

FUND RAISER – Originated matching contributions idea

SAILING – Designed “sea anchors”

CARTOONIST – Drew 1st cartoon in an American newspaper

LINGUIST – Studied several languages and designed a phonetic alphabet

CARTOGRAPHER – Mapped the Gulf Stream and Routes for the post office

MENTOR – Acted as a counselor and guide to many of his contemporaries

In Franklin’s time, days were counted in 24 hours, just as they are today. Excellent use of time and building in time for enjoyment were a priority for him.

My lesson for today is that time-blocking is not something that was introduced in the twentieth century.  Using Franklin’s example  I am examining  the ways I schedule my time, and making note of gaps between planning and actual use of my time.

This will be particularly useful, because I am in the midst of a new publishing project focused on Taking Performance To A Higher Level. I’m looking at elements of high performance from a variety of perspectives. Along the way, I am sharing some of my own practices for health, wealth and wellness. I welcome your contribution to this study. If you have practices you follow from which you think others can benefit, feel free to comment or contact me!

In the coming weeks, I’ll be posting ideas about  achieving new levels of success and speeding your way to your Vision. As always, I welcome your comments.

Make it a great week!

~ Tess

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