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Be a Dreamer

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This has been a particularly busy weekend, with a Visioning Client yesterday and the pilot of my newest workshop, “Vision/Decision” today. After a late night on Friday, and a day of heavy concentration yesterday, I intended to lay down for a one-hour nap. That nap ended up becoming a 4-hour sleep, with the decision to just give up any ideas of being productive and call it a night.

I’d intended to invest some time and energy creating concepts for a new project, but I was simply exhausted. I didn’t know how I was going to fit in all of the work I needed to get done if I caved in and opted for much-needed sleep. As I drifted back off to sleep, I grabbed a pen and a notebook. I had a sneaking suspicion that an idea or two might come to me since writing was on my mind. I managed to write down two ideas, and then I was out like a light.

Here’s where things got interesting. I awoke at 5:45 this morning, with an entire workshop worked out in my head. Truly – I sat in a chair in my living room and wrote out (by hand) every exercise and transition for this project.

I apparently needed a strong dose of my own philosophy – Having a project slow cook while I slept was an amazing reminder.
I generally interpret the “dreamer” label as something that takes place while awake, with at least a subconscious element to it. My nap was a wonderful example of dreaming something into reality.

I love dreaming in all forms: Night-dreaming, Day-dreaming, Life-dreaming. I recall that every machine, invention, beautiful piece of architecture, music and medical discovery started out as an idea – a dream of “what if”. Fueled by passion and expansion, dreams take root and become more than energy thought forms.

So, the next time you’re asked “why don’t you do something constructive?” look out the window, zone out or take a nap. Many times, it’s THE single most productive thing you can do!

Here’s my exercise of the week for you: Set a timer for 15 minutes at home or at work two times this week. Drift. See what results. Write back to me to let me know what happens for you 🙂

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KCMO Vision Board Workshop – Expand your vision and enjoy great BBQ

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Here’s an idea whose time has come! If you enjoy a bit of travel, BBQ and springtime and you are ready to move on your desire for a more fulfilling future or greater business success…

Join me in Kansas City on Saturday, April 17th for my workshop “B uilding a Powerful Vision Board”.  I’ve selected Kansas City, as it’s certainly in the Heart of America, and it’s a vibrant and lovely city.

It was in my move to Kansas City that I most changed the course of my life. I took a leap of faith and listened to my intuition one day in April 1992.  I was at a crossroads in my life (perhaps like you today).  I decided to start over with life on my terms.  I left my life in Chicago in October of that year.  To quote Robert Frost “ And that has made all the difference.”

I left family, friends and certainty. I loaded all of my belongings in a 10 foot Ryder truck, drove there with a friend, and set myself down on square one – no job, no friends, no car.  Just a vision. That vision changed and grew with time.  It was a nine year adventure in risk, discovery, growth and clarity. And that, my friends is why I am hosting “Building a Powerful Vision Board” in Kansas City.

You will have a very personal creative experience. The workshop will give you an opportunity to put your life on pause,  step away from the familiar and spend the day on you, your dreams and your aspirations. There’s terrific dining and shopping nearby. The workshop is being held on the Country Club Plaza. There is a shuttle from KCI Airport to the Plaza, and there are some outstanding hotel deals on Hotwire.

So… wait no longer. Indulge yourself. Go to my  Destiny Rising website  at www.destinyrising.com, click on the Workshops tab and registerr.  I’m offering a $30 discount through April 8th. That’s for the little part of you that needs a nudge.

Be bold. Make a change.  Move in the direction of your happiness and success.  I look forward to meeting you in Kansas City!

copyright 2010 Destiny Rising, LLC

Picture your Board of Advisors

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Who has most influenced your development? Whose biography did your read over and over again as you went through school? What historical figures do you most admire? Who challenged you to be bolder, kinder, more studious or more tenacious? Who is your favorite movie character? Who is your business idol?

These lifetime influencing favorites can be with you, front and center.  This is a really simple and powerful visioning exercise:

  • Make a list of key life lessons, along with a list of  those who you believe have had a major impact on your life.
  • Make a list of favorite books and movies, along with a list of key characters.
  • Make a list of religious/spiritual/philosophy influencers.
  • Make a list of business/industry leaders who you most admire.

Once you’ve compiled these lists, move on to the next steps…

  • Determine if these people and characters, along with what they represent would serve you well and prompt you to challenge the status quo, reach for new heights, reassure you in times of doubt and offer you sage advice as you progress to your future.
  • Write out key philosophies and phrases and advice from the group of advisors you select.
  • Combine these phrases with pictures, photos , symbols or mementos that remind you of your selected advisors.
  • Create a group picture or mini-vision board that you can keep at your desk or in a place where you often seek inspiration.
  • Spend some quiet time with your completed picture, and consider the positive effect of the comprehensive wisdom of the perspectives you have compiled.
  • Proudly display your group picture. Frame it, and keep it in front of you.
  • As you go through your day, pause and contemplate what this group would advise you.

Having a council of advisors ever-present can be a great help and reassurance as you build your business or personal future and advance toward your goals.

I’d love to hear how this works for you. I welcome your comments.

copyright 2010 Destiny Rising, LLC

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