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Crystal Clear Message

Crystal Clear

“Moments”  – The real game-changing moments in life are rare. I can count on two hands the moments that changed my perspective on life.

I had one such moment yesterday. Here’s what happened: I met a dear friend for coffee and conversation. It’s a frequent occurrence.  I live about 150 miles outside of Chicago, so visits to Starbucks offer the essence of urban I miss from days gone by.

Our coffee meet-ups are my opportunity to be authentic and to be who I am becoming. Sometimes we share stories, sometimes we share our plans for the futures we hope to build. Yesterday, we compared new books. As we settled in, I had the sense that the messages that the books my friend brought were simpler and more on point than the tales of epic proportion that I brought to the party.

From that simple coffee and conversation, one of my “moments” dawned.  I am sharing the message from one of the books she shared with me.  The video is not even 3.5 minutes in length. Its impact may last a lifetime. It will for me.  I’d love to hear what it means for you.




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Stuck in the Groove

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When I was growing up, I shared a room with two older sisters. They were 5 and 8 years older than I. They had a musical ritual each night.  Maybe this is why I’m always on the hunt for music to match the mood 🙂 Every night, we’d put a record  on the spindle, turn out the lights to go to sleep and doze off to music of my sisters’ choosing. It might be  Beautiful Day’s “White Bird in a Golden Cage”, Claudine Longet,  Burt Bacharach,  America, or any variety of others.  Usually, at the end of the record, the needle would lift, return to its resting position and drop the next record or turn the machine off. Once in a while, I’d awaken, and hear the crackling sound of the needle circling at the enter of the record, endlessly waiting to return to its resting place.  The needle was literally stuck.

As people on a journey toward living a consistently passionate and purposeful life, even we get stuck. To say that we don’t is to ignore the cycles of the planets, the way of the cosmos and the ebb and flow of the tide. If we’ve been on a journey toward wholeness for a while, we know when the music has stopped playing.  From time to time we can’t move on without a change in our pattern.   Here’s what happens for me – I can play beautiful  thoughts for months on end. However, at some point I feel as if I can’t get the next song to play.

When this happens to me, I give myself a break. I am at a point in life, as I near the half century point, where I don’t doubt that I am headed somewhere wonderful. I just temporarily lose my oomph. My remedy is solitude. Although I am pretty high on the extrovert scale, I occasionally require a literal retreat. I imagine being in a cabin in the mountains. This cabin has a well stocked pantry, a large pile of firewood, great literature and no phone. I see myself staying there for about two weeks. As an alternative, I imagine being in Greece. I see the top floor of a spacious apartment, with a breeze moving billowing white chiffon curtains along a marble floor. The apartment has a terrace facing the sea, complete with a tray of fresh fruit and cheese, and there’s a  beautiful pool below. I see no people – only space. Like it? I do too! Once I’m good and enmeshed in my vision, I can safely tune back in to life as I know it. I might, as I’m doing tonight, make a small pot of chili, bake some cornbread, and settle into a favorite movie. This mini retreat can be satisfying as well. Bottom line…. as long as I spend some time taking my mind to a new and beautiful place, I  accomplish a pattern interrupt – I’ve gotten off of the track to exhaustion and depletion and gotten on the energy train again.

I embrace the power of the visualization. … That’s what my business is about – Visioning. I love visualizing for myself, and I really love to help others shift their energies through visualization.

We’re heading into the final months of 2010. The year has flown by. While I am not where I hope to be by January 2012, I have accomplished much of what I’d hoped to accomplish in 2010. I’ve still got 75 days left (give or take) and so do you.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for some practical information about how to shift your mindset and your actions by working on your vsion for your future.  In the meantime, put on a favorite old album and let yourself imagine possibilities.

Make it a great week!

– Tess

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