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A Year of Leaps and Bounds

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Jump Into Life!

It’s leap year. Once every four years, we receive the gift of an extra day – a 29th day in February. This year, I am particularly grateful for an extra day at the end of the month, because I need every minute of every day to fit life into 365 days.

My life is growing by Leaps and Bounds. I have more work,  more creative  projects and more possibility than I can recall in recent times. In the next week, perhaps even on the 29th, I will be publishing my new book, “Building A Powerful Vision Board” on Amazon as a Kindle book. Within a few weeks, the book will be available as a PDF, on Nook, on I-Book and in print.

I am happy for the extra 24 hours to make small improvements, slight changes and finishing touches on my project. I am happy for the extra 24 hours to pause, look at the 10 months ahead and put some order to my calendar, taking care to include a few days of quiet relaxation to counteract the crazy schedule I see unfolding  before my eyes. I am happy for the extra 24 hours to think about how much happens between leap years.

Each Leap Year, I’m a little wiser, a little older and a little bolder about my predictions for the future. What has happened in your life since 02/29/08? What do you think will happen between today and 02/29/16?  Undoubtedly, there have and will be some leaps, some limps, some bounds and some blunders. I have found that the blunders that cause me to limp often give way to my greatest leaps forward.

My recommendation for you this 2/29 is to take just 20 minutes to list what’s changed in your life since 2008 and what you’d like to see in your life in 2016, as well as to make a few predictions about what will change. Place your list in an envelope and place it in your sock drawer or jewelry box. Put an appointment in your electronic calendar for one year from today. Each year, push that appointment forward by a year. Then….in 2016 , open the envelope. Imagine your surprise and amazement when you reflect on what you write today.

Enjoy the project and enjoy your Leap Day.

As always, I welcome your comments, and make it a great week!

~ Tess

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