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Pivot. Pivot. Pivot.

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The Dance of Life

The Dance of Life

I’m in the Heartland today. I’m staying at a hotel filled with families savoring the last bit of summer. A day at the pool, a baseball game, a family picnic. It’s almost harvest time for my friends in agriculture, and it’s back to school (it gets serious after Labor Day) for parents and kids.

For me, this trip is personal. I’m traveling with my mom and visiting one of my sisters. We traveled to bring her sister’s remains home to the family plot… a final transition for my aunt. There is something beautifully peaceful about closure and finality. Once we achieve closure, we can pivot, giving our attention to a new “now”.

I often write about working with people in transition and transformation. Life is full of transition, and when executed well, it can lead to transformation. The first step in the choreography of transition is to learning how to lean into closure. It’s powerful. It signals a beginning as well as an ending. After the closure, lean into what’s next by turning your head and stepping in. When you become comfortable with pivoting (closure and regaining focus), ease and enjoyment can come your way with less effort! Pivoting is essential in dancing, and it’s essential in life! Click here to learn how dancers pivot.

So, the next time you are experiencing a change of season, physically or mentally, practice your pivoting skills to enhance the experience.  You’ll be amazed how quickly you’ll feel elegant in approaching change in your life.

Enjoy your transition….

As always, I welcome your comments and make it a great week.


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Tune In To Women Enjoying Success

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Tune-in for a Tune-up!

Listen In!

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed on “Entrepreneurial Women Radio”, Sharon Michaels’ radio program. Sharon is an entrepreneur, business coach, columnist and author whose business acumen and wisdom draws a worldwide audience each week.

Sharon’s interviews and topics are diverse, timely and insightful.

Click here to listen to the interview.

I hope that you enjoy the interview and gather some ideas to help you Build A Powerful Vision for your life or business.


As always, make it a great week!


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Whatever Happened To Endless August?

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August Aaaaaah!

August Aaaaaah!

As a kid, I savored August. Friends’ families would be away on vacation, the month was dry and hot and sunny, locusts sang all day, and crickets sang all night (Click here to hear to  yourself!). Summer school was behind me and I got to go to the pool every day and night. Back to school happened on the Monday after Labor day. August was pure, uninterrupted summer!

As I got older, there was much anticipation associated with August. In high school, I’d look forward to going  back to school toward the month’s end, having arrived at some new level — one year, I returned without braces on my teeth. Another, year, I proudly drove back to school, having gotten my driver’s license. Come the college years, I was itching to get back to school by mid-August. I’d been away from friends all summer, and my social life was waiting for me.

Fast forward thirty years. I look at the calendar, and mid-August is rapidly approaching. I accidentally boarded the busy train again. You know the ride – you’re on the go, and you’ve got really tight connections between obligations. Before life spins out of control, I must find a way to get my bearings. Whatever happened to Endless august?

If you feel as I do, perhaps we can go at this problem together! Here’s my vision for bringing more summer back into my life:

I’m going to put strong boundaries between work time and play time.

I’m going to get up early and get my alone time or workout time in before I go to work.

I’m going to give myself a “hard” stopping time at work for the rest of August. I am going to turn off my computer and not check my work e-mail in the evening.

I’m going to plan a one to two-hour activity each weeknight. That can be riding my bike, going for a swim, meeting a friend for a cool drink or making a plan to sit on someone’s front porch and visit.

I’m going to pop my own popcorn and sneak it into the movies. The movie I got see will be a teen movie.

I’m going to pack a picnic basket and meet friends at a park shelter for a picnic night.

I’m going to put up my screened in canopy and sit outside listening to the sounds of the night and read a good book.

I’m going to walk to town for ice cream.

I’m going to stay up way too late watching old movies for one night.

One of the most important elements of Building a Powerful Vision is achieving Happiness. Being content to just “be” is a simple and energizing type of happiness.  Cooler months and wintertime will be here before you know it. I hope you’ll join me in my quest to reclaim one of the most precious months of the year! Maybe we can learn how to capture more of our personal time and put it to good use daydreaming and coming up with new ways to change our worlds :).


As always, I welcome your comments and make it a great week!

~ Tess

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