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For Those Who Like A Web-Based Vision Board…

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For All The World To See

While enjoying Thanksgiving in Nashville, my niece-by-marriage introduced me to Pinterest (.com). I have been looking for an easy-to share, easy-to-search web-based Vision Board tool, and now I’ve found it for free.

Here’s the start of my first web-based Vision Board:  My New Interest In Pinterest

Enjoy…. Soon, I’ll be publishing my Kindle book “Building A Powerful Vision Board”. Watch for this before they year’s end so that you can being 2012 in Vision Board style 🙂

As always, make it a great week – and I welcome your comments.

~ Tess

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Bloom Where You Are, Regardless Of The Season

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Everyone I know is working hard right now. We’re doing the work we need to do in life, in career and in relationship, so that we can have beautiful and bountiful success.

Here is the “blooming” (no puns intended, really) result I wish for you, for all of the effort you’re putting into building your life:

Bloom Where You Are

As always, make it a great week…


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