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Creating New Habits Takes Vision

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I read an interesting quip on the internet: “Dolphins are so smart that within a few weeks of captivity, they can train people to stand on the very edge of the pool and throw them fish.”

What can you train yourself to do between now and the end of the year? We have just under six weeks left in 2016, so if follow the path of the dolphin, you could train yourself twice over to do something new.

Here is what I am thinking about doing with these last productive weeks…

  • I think about re-establishing my habit of going to the gym at dawn.
  • I think about creating the habit of spending 45 minutes planning at the end of each workday.
  • I think about being ‘the one’ to take our dog for her two-mile walk each day.
  • I think about stashing $10 each day into a sock in order create a stock fund.

There are multiple benefits to any of these choices, yet making the choice to create a habit of any of these doesn’t move me to action until I envision myself engaged in the activity.

I review each of the habits I am considering and I do a bit more visioning. I think about both success and challenge. In most cases, the challenge is circumstances that might get i the way of follow-through. If I can see myself overcoming the interruption and carrying on until a firm habit is established, I am most likely to succeed.

I know who I am up against, when I undertake a new venture, so I often put picture to paper and create a themed vision board to strengthen my resolve.

Want to learn more about vision boards? Click Here for a primer on my Building A Powerful Vision process. You can also visit http://www.tessdenton.com to find Building A Powerful Vision products.

Happy Holidays and Happy Habits!

As always, I welcome your comments. Make it a great week…


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A “Building A Powerful Vision” 5 Minute Jump Start…

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“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” –  Peter Drucker.



My takeaway from Peter Drucker’s statement above is: “Create Your Future”. These three words are remarkably empowering. To me, these words are a command, permission, a gift and a nudge. Like our DNA,  the statement “Create Your Future” has a different message in it for each of us.  No two futures are alike. The future I choose to create will be entirely different from yours.

When I repeat the words “Create Your Future”, I feel an internal shift. When I add a deep and resounding voice to the statement, a command comes alive.When we embrace the command, we can cut through all of the busy work that impedes our progress. We can start making significant strides in toward creating a future we adore.

For the reader whose life is filled to overflowing, I offer an easy 5 minute activity for this week that will help you Jump Start your Powerful Vision. Simply print, post and ponder the two following quotes:

“Live a life you weren’t going to live anyway”.  ~

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.” ~ Robert Frost

Then, watch what happens.

When you are ready to explore ways that you can Build a Poweful Vision for your life, visit www.tessdenton.com to look at my books!!

As always, I welcome your comments, and make it a great week!

2016: It’s Fresh, New and Waiting for YOU!

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A Great Start To 2016

Welcome to a New Year!  Everyone is getting in on New Year’s Resolutions  – even Oprah. Her recent alignment with Weight Watchers is making health and lifestyle conscious people throughout the world take notice. Is it a coincidence that she’s featured in Weight Watchers Magazine in January I think not. January is a powerful month.

As consumers of information and media, we need to carefully filter the news and views that reach our eyes and ears. I hope that as this year unfolds, you select messages that focus on Hope and Optimism. With holidays behind us and a shiny new year at hand, this is a great month to access Building A Powerful Vision” tools designed to help you gain and maintain a positive focus as you move in direction of your personal and career goals.
Building A Powerful Vision tools on tap this month:
  • In addition to Oprah being featured this month, you’ll find my Building A Powerful Vision” philosophy and approach quoted in a featured article on Vision Boards in Weight Watchers Magazine, (Jan/Feb 2016). The article is “See It, Be It” by Cari Wira Dineen. You can purchase a copy of the magazine online or at the grocery store or Barnes and Noble. (Of special note: I happen to love the fact that Oprah is a proponent of vision boards as a way of accelerating accomplishment.)
  • Tune into my featured interview in The Millionaire Mama seminar series (begins on 1/15). This seminar series is free and designed for entrepreneurs who want to get started or move ahead. Lots of great advice and giveaways are yours for the taking.
Next up this year are two new projects; an 8-week course, ‘Back to School’ For Your Hopes and Dreams and a Vision Board Party-Pack.
So….fill your 2016 New Year’s Resolutions with Hope and Optimism, and create a year to remember!


~ Tess

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Tess Denton

Why Do People Not Succeed?

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Why? Why? Why?

Tell Me Why…

Welcome to Gary Chatham, Guest Blogger for Building A Powerful Vision! You are sure to find his post thought-provoking and refreshing…

Gary is a nationally-known Transformational Life Coach, Success Coach, and Business Coach who has helped many clients transform their lives and businesses for over 20 years, providing clear steps to change, so that they can Create the Life they Desire. 

Why do people not succeed?

What defines a successful person?  They have achieved their dream/vision with shining results.  What holds some people back, while others keep moving ahead and create the life they desire?

I have found four reasons why many people are not successful.

Reason #1:  They don’t know their Life’s Purpose, and have not created a powerful vision for their life and/or business.  Or, if they do  know their vision, they are not taking inspired action to create it and achieve their goals.

Reason #2:  They don’t have a practical strategy with achievable goals, then enables them to create their vision.

Reason #3:  They don’t follow through to take the steps they need to take to create what they want.

Reason #4:  They lack the confidence needed to achieve their goals.  They may continue to sabotage themselves consciously or subconsciously.

Let’s discuss reason #3.  If you have found your passion, and your Life’s Purpose, and have mapped out a practical strategy, you still may have challenges in applying energy to create your dream.

I know from experience that a big dream can seem overwhelming when you are at the beginning of the process.  By breaking your strategy down into monthly, weekly, and then daily steps, it will become more doable. Each day when I start work, I ask myself, “What do I need to do today?” and prioritize my actions and my time. In fact, I often do this when I first wake up, and am still laying in bed.  I then walk right in, and know what I need to do first!

I’ve heard entrepreneurs and business owners give up too easily when they encounter difficulties. “I don’t have  ____ so I can’t go on.”  Or, “I don’t know how to _____, so I had to quit.”  

If believe in your vision, and believe that it is really your calling, then believe in your own resourcefulness.  Who do you know that can provide what you are looking for?  Who can teach you to do what you don’t know how to do?  If finances are an issue, how could you trade products/services with this person?  Or, if you don’t know someone that knows or has what you need, who could refer you to this person?

Often, when faced with an obstacle, I will:

a) Ask someone for help.  A mentor, friend, associate, even family member may know the answer.  Don’t be afraid to ask – someone you know may have the answer!

b) Find out who can do the work, or provide what I am looking for.

c) Possibly, most importantly, focus on finding a workaround.  Is it absolutely necessary for you to have ______ in order to move forward?  Could you start some steps without it?  Is there a different way of accomplishing or having the same thing?

We often limit ourselves, based on our conscious or subconscious judgements and expectations, when there the answer, or an alternative could be readily available.

Don’t give up on your dream just because you have hit some snags!  Ask for help, look for a workaround, and keep moving forward!

I hope that you enjoyed Gary’s insights.

As always, I welcome your comments.

Make it a great week!

~ Tess

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Blog Talk Radio: Building A Powerful Vision for 2014

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Tune-in for a Tune-up!

Tune-in for a Tune-up!

I’ve just launched the new season on BlogTalk Radio: Building a Powerful Vision for 2014. Click here to listen to the episode.

Each month, we’ll be focusing on one key benefit of Building A Powerful Vision: Clarity, Hope, Confidence, Momentum and Happiness.

I’ll have special guests joining me here on the my blog and on air all through the season to share inspiration and practical advice. Enjoy!

As always, make it a great week.

~ Tess

To find all of the tools I use to help people build their powerful vision, visit www.tessdenton.com. The site is a gateway to Pinterest, books, planners, podcasts and one-on-one mentoring, all designed to help you create a life you love.

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Mark The Day… Declare Your Vision

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Have A Dream!

Have A Dream!

Today, we commemorate Martin Luther King, Jr.  This is a perfect day to declare your Vision and begin creating a life you love.

  1. Find a quiet spot.
  2. With pen in hand or at the keyboard, begin your statement with with “I have a Dream…”.
  3. Write for ten minutes about what that dream looks like.
  4. Post it in prominent places and live it

Make yours a great LIFE!

~ Tess

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Destiny Rising, LLC

“This Year Will Be Different (We say, again and again)”: 6-Steps To Fulfill Your Intentions

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Attention! I have something to say...

Attention! I have something to say…

We are already in the double digits of January! We’ve said farewell to most of our holiday visitors, and we are ready to get down to business. I wrote, recently, that most people do not stick to their New Year’s Resolutions. Even if that is the case, most of us carry our good intentions well into the new year.

If you are not so certain that resolutions are for you, yet you want to live to the intention “This Year Will Be Different” – consider the exercise that I first wrote about last January. It is a method of visualizing that will help strengthen your resolve to create a life you love. The date on the calendar isn’t important. Getting started IS.

In just 6 easy steps,

1: Reflect and Write: Spend about 15 minutes limitless thinking about and what you want to change, do and have in life (or in 2013). Using a blank piece of paper at least 8.5 x 11, write those things down.

2:  Elaborate (The 3rd Degree): Interview yourself about your list. If someone handed your list to you, you would probably be asked to elaborate on his or her ideas. As you take on the interviewer’s perspective, you might ask, “Who will benefit? Why do you want to do that? What will it mean to have that in your life?”

3: Declare Your Intention (Campaign Promises): Announce what you intend to accomplish or attract into your reality. You have done the visioning work- you’ve created an elaborate word picture in the previous two steps.  Now, you can claim it.  Turn your list into a paragraph that announces your intention. Once you have done this, you’re ready to put some incremental goals in place. Post this intention. Keep it nearby. Consider  making a vision board (www.buildingapowerfulvisionboard.com), starting a journey of planning your future (https://www.createspace.com/4472270), or typing up a clean copy of your statement, framing it or using it as the background on your computer or your phone.

4: List some specific goals for the journey to your intended outcome. For example, if your goal is to add $75,000 to your retirement by 2017, now would be a good time to describe the amount you intend to add in 2014, 2015 and 2016. Plan the work and work the plan.

5: Map your journey: Describe how you will get there. List the types of actions and activities you’ll  GET to do (not HAVE to do. Have to do sounds like work. Get to do means learning and expanding) to reach your intended outcome at each phase of your journey.

6:  Hitch up the wagon… we’re heading out! Decide how the first leg of your journey is going to play out. What are the few first steps that you will take and celebrate? Select some steps you can complete this week, and then get out there!

Best of luck with your plan. As always, I welcome your comments, and make it a great week.

~ Tess


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Appreciation At 0600: A Great Way To Impact 2014!

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Countdown To Your Best Year Ever

Countdown To Your Best Year Ever

Season’s Greetings :). Today, we continue to count down to the New Year.

The doors open early on this event. We are 4 days from 2014, and there’s nothing like a countdown to get you motivated. By starting today, you’ll be ready for the fresh start headed your  way.

I highly recommend setting a tone for the New Year with a foundation of appreciation (I share my simple practice at the end of this post).

Appreciation is a skill and an art. Dale Carnegie crafted and shared  the art of appreciation in The Dale Carnegie Course. The course is based on his 2 bestsellers, “How To Win Friends and Influence People” and “How To Stop Worrying And Start Living”. Both books are a must read :).

When I worked for Dale Carnegie Training, I had the opportunity to participate in, assist and instruct The Dale Carnegie Course. Among my favorite of Dale Carnegie’s quotes is, Nothing else so inspires and heartens people as words of appreciation. You an I may soon forget the words of encouragement and appreciation that we  utter now, but the person to whom we have spoken them may treasure them and repeat them to themselves over a lifetime.”

Appreciation raises vibration, and it is beneficial for all involved. Whether you are giving or receiving appreciation, your heart beats a little more loudly, you become grounded and everything is right with the world, if just for a short time.

We often talk about wanting to achieve more in the coming year while living in appreciation of what we already have. Most of my problems, and possibly most of yours are what are commonly called ‘First World Problems’. As I prepare to share my daily appreciation practice with you, I think that it is important to set a baseline for appreciation.  Click here to ground yourself.

Welcome back! I hope that you enjoyed your video. On to my simple practice:

  1. You will need an empty jar, slips of paper, stationary and a computer available.
  2. Each morning, before you begin getting ready for work or getting the kids off to school (perhaps at 0600 hours), take 5 minutes of quiet time in a private space. Write an e-mail or brief note of appreciation to someone who has shown you kindness or set a good example for you now or previously in your life. Mentioning personal traits, along with an example or evidence of that trait make particularly compelling messages.
  3. On a slip of paper, write the date and the name of the individual, along with three words of appreciation. Place the slip it in jar. If you have name and address, prepare a stamped envelope and get it ready to mail.  If you have no way of sending your message via e-mail or post, jot a few notes on a piece of paper, along with the individual’s name. Place the message in a jar and wish that individual well.
  4. The magic is complete. Your message and your energy are finding their way to physically (or energetically) to the recipients of your appreciation.
  5. By employing this simple strategy, you are successfully starting each day from a perspective of appreciation. Now and again, give yourself a lift by reviewing  the slips of paper in the jar. I would venture to guess that the longer you continue this practice, the more the spirit of appreciation will find its way into your life.
  6. That’s it for Day 4 of the New Year’s countdown. We’re only left with ready, set and go!

Make it a great week. As always, I welcome your comments!

~ Tess

http://www.tessdenton.com (My books are available here)


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Improve Your Likelihood of Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions!

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Countdown To Your Best Year Ever!

Countdown To Your Best Year Ever

Season’s Greetings! 

Today begins the 5-Day countdown to the New Year.
This is my favorite countdown.
There is a fresh start headed your way.
It’s nearly resolution time!

If you’re looking for an improved likelihood that you’ll keep your resolutions, you may want to pop over to my book site to find 2 tools that will definitely insure that 2014 will be your Best Year Ever: http://buildingapowerfulvisionboard.com/.

You may also want to check out my video that will pump you up:

Make it a great week. As always, I welcome your comments!

~ Tess

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Finding The Time To Do What You Love…

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Live What You Love!

Live What You Love!

While the title of the article below is a bit tongue in cheek, there is truth and value in its message. We are not always in a position, based on life circumstance and responsibility, to pursue our passions and dreams on a full-time basis.

Enjoy the read and know that the amount of time you have available to pursue your passion is not as important as committing to it!

Here’s the link:    http://www.theonion.com/articles/find-the-thing-youre-most-passionate-about-then-do,31742/

Make it a great week, and as always, I welcome your comments.

~ Tess

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