Tune Into “Go Ahead and Get Your Hope On”

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Hope Fuels Your Fire

Hope Fuels Your Fire

If you’re like me, there are moments in life when it becomes abundantly clear that you want or need something more – more out of life, more from your team, or perhaps more from your relationships. Such “Aha!” moments are an awakening and they can trigger Transformation. 

As your journey to transform begins, you set out on a quest to find people and resources that can help you get from stuck to unstuck, resources that can get you from here to there, and resources that can help you create change that lasts

I am a Future Facilitator. I help people and teams build a powerful vision for life and work and create a plan to get there. My method is Building A Powerful Vision,  and it focuses on  5 key results: Clarity, Hope, Confidence, Momentum, and Happiness. Building A Powerful Life includes 5 key elements: Vision, Belief, Determination, Progress, and Results.

My theme this month is Hope.  In my writing, I define hope as that thing that fuels your fire – the emotional state that promotes your belief in a positive outcome. “Hope” heightens your energy and offers a sense of possibility.  Tune in to today’s episode of Building A Powerful Life in 5 Minutes or Less  for a tune-up and a reminder of the benefits you’ll receive when you Go Ahead and Get Your Hope On!

As always, I welcome your comments, and make it a great week!

~ Tess


My books are available at  www.buildingapowerfulvisionboard.com and amazon.com

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