Time to Rise and Really Shine!!!

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When we are very young, most of us live in a world of wonder, discovery, and make-believe. As we move into school and take our place in society, we are encouraged to be realistic and to make sensible choices in order to be successful. I have been fortunate to maintain my connection to creativity and imagination for most of my life.

Following my dream and staying connected with my creative source was the obvious choice, albeit financially risky. What I learned about myself, life, and the reward of living a life I loved was extraordinary.

Yesterday, I hosted  Building A Powerful Life in 5 Minutes or Less on BlogTalk Radio. Sticking to 5 minutes doesn’t always happen, but the point of the segment is to help you change your thinking and direction with just a bit of attention each day.

Yesterday’ episode was: Awaken The Dreamer Within (Click Here) . It is part of our February’s theme, “Zeroing in on Clarity To Help You Create A Life You Love”.

Enjoy the show!

I welcome your comments, and as always – Make it a great week.

~ Tess

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