Why Do People Not Succeed?

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Why? Why? Why?

Tell Me Why…

Welcome to Gary Chatham, Guest Blogger for Building A Powerful Vision! You are sure to find his post thought-provoking and refreshing…

Gary is a nationally-known Transformational Life Coach, Success Coach, and Business Coach who has helped many clients transform their lives and businesses for over 20 years, providing clear steps to change, so that they can Create the Life they Desire. 

Why do people not succeed?

What defines a successful person?  They have achieved their dream/vision with shining results.  What holds some people back, while others keep moving ahead and create the life they desire?

I have found four reasons why many people are not successful.

Reason #1:  They don’t know their Life’s Purpose, and have not created a powerful vision for their life and/or business.  Or, if they do  know their vision, they are not taking inspired action to create it and achieve their goals.

Reason #2:  They don’t have a practical strategy with achievable goals, then enables them to create their vision.

Reason #3:  They don’t follow through to take the steps they need to take to create what they want.

Reason #4:  They lack the confidence needed to achieve their goals.  They may continue to sabotage themselves consciously or subconsciously.

Let’s discuss reason #3.  If you have found your passion, and your Life’s Purpose, and have mapped out a practical strategy, you still may have challenges in applying energy to create your dream.

I know from experience that a big dream can seem overwhelming when you are at the beginning of the process.  By breaking your strategy down into monthly, weekly, and then daily steps, it will become more doable. Each day when I start work, I ask myself, “What do I need to do today?” and prioritize my actions and my time. In fact, I often do this when I first wake up, and am still laying in bed.  I then walk right in, and know what I need to do first!

I’ve heard entrepreneurs and business owners give up too easily when they encounter difficulties. “I don’t have  ____ so I can’t go on.”  Or, “I don’t know how to _____, so I had to quit.”  

If believe in your vision, and believe that it is really your calling, then believe in your own resourcefulness.  Who do you know that can provide what you are looking for?  Who can teach you to do what you don’t know how to do?  If finances are an issue, how could you trade products/services with this person?  Or, if you don’t know someone that knows or has what you need, who could refer you to this person?

Often, when faced with an obstacle, I will:

a) Ask someone for help.  A mentor, friend, associate, even family member may know the answer.  Don’t be afraid to ask – someone you know may have the answer!

b) Find out who can do the work, or provide what I am looking for.

c) Possibly, most importantly, focus on finding a workaround.  Is it absolutely necessary for you to have ______ in order to move forward?  Could you start some steps without it?  Is there a different way of accomplishing or having the same thing?

We often limit ourselves, based on our conscious or subconscious judgements and expectations, when there the answer, or an alternative could be readily available.

Don’t give up on your dream just because you have hit some snags!  Ask for help, look for a workaround, and keep moving forward!

I hope that you enjoyed Gary’s insights.

As always, I welcome your comments.

Make it a great week!

~ Tess

Copyright 2014

Destiny Rising, LLC


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