4 Words That Make Your Vision Pop!

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I Love Pop!

If you follow my Pinterest site: pinterest.com/DRTessDenton, you know that I focus on a 5-phase process for building a powerful Vision: Clarity, Hope, Confidence, Momentum, Happiness.  I have a Pinterest site for each of the 5 phases.

As I prepare to publish a Vision Planner later this year, I have discovered my powerful words for Building A Powerful Plan to Achieve Your Vision has 4 distinct phases: Vision, Belief, Progress, Accomplishment.

The Vision Planner will provide a year-long plan for forwarding your Vision. You’ll begin with your overarching vision, account for your major goals, then decide what you wish to accomplish in the next year, each quarter and each month. Naturally, I’m skimming the surface as I post this. There is much more to the process and the product, but I wanted to begin talking about the 4-phases in my writing, my broadcast and my workshops to set the stage for the release of the planner.

These are busy and productive months for all of us. I hope that you are finding this season creative, lucrative and energizing. Stay tuned for articles and updates that leading up to the planner that will feature the 4 words that make your vision pop!

As always, I welcome your comments.

Make it a great week!

~ Tess

Copyright 2013

Destiny Rising, LLC

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