Living In Possibility Opens Your Energy

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Today, I am writing from a national business conference where more than 100 women have come together to share their visions, expertise and intentions for their company. There is something particularly positive and stimulating about being in a space where like-minded people come together. Each time this group comes together, the opportunity for a fresh start, to begin again and to work toward dreams and goals comes alive.

As each person arrives at this conference the energy in the room picks up just a bit more. In three days’ time, the goal is for everyone to have rekindled her passion and to be able to sustain her momentum for another year.

What’s happening in your world that is rekindling your momentum? If you can’t find a specific answer to that question, I have two recommendations for you:

1: It may be time to take a trip to Barnes & Noble,¬† browse the aisles and see what books about inspiration call to you. If you’re like me, a trip to the bookstore is refreshing, and I tend to select the perfect book for my life at the time. Whether you buy the book or just make a note of its title, then head home and purchase a Nook or Kindle version of it, you’ll have shifted your energy to Possibility.

2: Find out what you can do to spread hope and joy to someone who has been affected by Hurricane Sandy. Participate in a local relief effort or find a group that is providing a personal touch to and hope to storm ravaged residents on the East Coast.

Either way, you may come away with a sense of momentum and possibility. I find that it’s always best to look outside myself when I want to be inspired.

As always, make it a great week and I welcome your comments and recommendations for additional ways to Build a Powerful Vision for Possibility. Link to my Pinterest site for some ideas and inspiration.

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