Building A Powerful Future through Images and Icons

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Welcome to  a new addition to my blogging identity.  This blog is titled,  “Building A Powerful Vision”. You’ll find that its posts and themes are associated with my book, “Building A Powerful Vision Board”. I hope you’ll enjoy it and subscribe.

One of the foundations of building and staying connected with your Vision is to connect with your emotions through sights and sounds. More and more people are using Pinterest to share what they love and want in life. To help you begin to clarify your own visit, visit my Pinterest site. The theme is “B.A.P.” – Building A Powerful… Anything.

My Pinterest pages are a gallery of ideas, pictures, videos and quotes you may find inspiring. Join the conversation!!!
My question for you this week is: What kind of a powerful future do you intend to build? What is YOUR destiny? Share it here in comments, or add your thoughts/comments to my Pinterest pages.
Make it a great week.

~ Tess

Copyright 2012

Destiny Rising, LLC

Author, “Building A Powerful Vision Board: A Path To Achieving Your Goals and What You Want in Life”

Author, http://yourdestinyrising.wordpress.com

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