Counting up….. 18,360 of 25,000

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Rise and Shine, Shine, Shine!

This week, I’m revisiting a theme from two summers ago. It’s powerful enough a message that I think it worthwhile to share it again…

I am on vacation this week. I absolutely love it! It allows me a chance to savor every morning. When I have the time to awake and enjoy my summer vacation, I am reminded of an ad from a few years back produced by the Michigan Ad Council. The narrator talks about the fact that “25,000 mornings is all we humans get, give or take”. I just calculated the number of mornings into years.  If I heard the man correctly, this number works out to a life expectancy of 68.5 years.  According to my calculations, just 3 days after my 51st Birthday, I’ve seen 18,630 of my mornings. Seeing that number in black and white makes me want to really rise to greet and appreciate every one of the remaining 6,370. By the way, I certainly expect to add about 7,305 (20 years) to that life’s average. Even with the additional 20 years, or 7,305, placing a number on it makes me more aware than ever that the resource called “time” is precious, and doesn’t get replenished. This is it. This is life. It’s not a dress rehearsal.

Each time I see it, the Pure Michigan ad makes me wonder, “Am I accomplishing what I’m here to accomplish? Am I trying too hard to have a unique and impactful life or am I not trying hard enough? Am I making the bold choices that will shape my destiny?” I think that I’m living to my potential and purpose but how can I really be sure? I’ve had hope and dream ripples within each decade of my adult life. I’m happy to report that I’m moving closer to my “dream life”. Are you?

More than ten years ago, I worked for a company that worked to the daily motto daily “Plan the Work. Work the Plan.” Each day, we reserved 45 minutes to plan the next day’s work. The following morning, we worked the plan created the afternoon before. In my professional work –  my speaking, workshops and training, I am making every effort to live to the wise corporate motto.

If you are experiencing a life transformation or transition that has you wondering “What Next?” or “What is my true purpose?”,  I invite you to sign up for my blog and pick up a copy of my book, Building A Powerful Vision Board (A Path to Achieving Your Goals and What You Want in Life). It’s a great clarification, inspiration and direction tool. You can link to electronic and print versions that fit your life at www.tessdenton.com.

Until we connect again, enjoy your sunrises and try to be present for as many of them as possible. How about starting tomorrow morning at 5:31 a.m., Central Daylight Time? There’s no time to waste! Make it a Powerful week. I welcome your questions and comments


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