Get Up and Go!

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Must Get Going!

Happy April. Do you find that you are dilly-dallying and dancing around the doing of some of your resolutions and some-day plans? Here are some convenient procrastination phrases for this time of year: “Taxes are due.”, “I need to mow the lawn.”, “I’ve just been overwhelmed by work.”, “The kids are on spring break, and then graduation is just around the corner.” Sound familiar?

I have a tidbit to share with you today that will help you move beyond any convenient procrastination strategies in which you’re engaged.

Sometimes, I receive amazing videos and messages from the coaches and business experts I follow. This is one of those lucky weeks. Michael Bungay Stanier , founder of Box of Crayons, never fails to hit the mark in his videos. In the time it takes to enjoy a cup of coffee or a 4 ounce container of yogurt, you’ll be inspired to action! You may want to sign up to receive his weekly messages.

Let’s go to the movies…

Beyond the Timid Middle

Enjoy. As always, I welcome your comments and make it a great week!

~ Tess

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