This beautiful, unpredictable life…

In Uncategorized on 2011/10/16 at 11:28 pm

“Life doesn’t have to be whitewashed in order to be beautiful.” – Emmanuel

Knowing that I don’t need to whitewash or sugar-coat my life is a refreshing message.It’s a relief to know that elements of my life can be edgy, uncertain and  and authentic. And so can yours.

While much of my work is focused on creating a powerful vision and achieving goals, I have both been on this little blue marble long enough to know that we all live with uncertainty. Right now, my uncertainty ranges from “will my house sell/” to how my “portfolio career” will unfold. I need to complete the final 10% of the work required to bring my book and courses  to market by 12/31.

Perhaps you are like me and you occasionally lay awake in the quiet hours between 3:42 AM and 5:17 AM. Fortunately, in the light of day I realize that the unpredictable nature of a new life requires new skills, new goals, new timelines, and the ability to adjust expectations.

Long story short…. be patient with yourself, address the true challenges, create bright futures and discover your bliss. Then, get a good night’s sleep!

  1. I have found that there is no sense in worrying. Things will fall into place. Houses sell, work gets completed, and in the end we wonder why so much “angst” got us down.

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