A Tale of Two Cities – Life in Transition

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Crossing Over

Right now, I’ve got a foot in two cities. This wasn’t in my plan, but life consistently serves up surprises. I realize tonight, as a fresh coat of paint is drying on the house and it’s new carpet’s eve that I’m wrapping up my life in yet  another city. I’ve been living in a moderately sized Midwestern city for the past four years. Four years ago, I also had a foot in two cities, and that transition went smoothly.  The amazing thing isn’t that I’m moving on to a new adventure  four years later. That’s a part of the rhythm of my life. What’s amazing to me is how much life you can live in four years and how the world changes in 1460 days. In four years (~1460 days), someone starts and finishes high school or college. In four years, a newborn is ready for pre-school. In four years, a new grad can grow into a management position and have a little wisdom to offer.  In four years, the window of opportunity to have a family can close. In four years, the size of your family can grow or grow smaller. In four years, you can gain insight and wisdom on topics you’d not encountered a few years earlier. In four years, what you want out of life can take some dramatic turns. In four years, you can become keenly aware that life is passing quickly and you’d best get to living your dreams.

After leaving Chicago eleven years ago to live in Kentucky, Indiana and Central Illinois, I am preparing to move back to my hometown, Chicago. This has been quite a year. The first eight months of this year (~240 days) have been a a whirlwind. In January, I boldly embarked on an adventure. With one patient husband, a pocketful of savings and a vision of a big bright future, I spent the 1st half of the year building a work-life balance that can withstand an entrepreneurial adventure launched during a recession. It’s a wee bit like graduating from college all over again.

I have learned that moving forward is all about looking forward. A quote I recently heard goes something like “There’s a reason that the rear view mirror in your car is only 4″ x 8″. You’re supposed to give your attention to what’s in front of you.” I remember from the StarTrek series that Damnit Jim never looked at what was behind the Enterprise. The entire cast was focused on what was before them. So, as we move into September, my fall lineup includes selling a house, finding a new neighborhood and moving into publishing mode.

My Tale of Two Cities is nearly complete, and it’s bittersweet. When I reflect on this passage, I will do so with the John Hancock building in the background and the sound of an el-train swishing by. I can almost feel the pulse of the future as I write about it…

As always, I welcome your comments and hope that your life’s adventure is unfolding in positive ways that  you never imagined.

Make it a great week.

~ Tess

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Destiny Rising, LLC

  1. I love the reference about the rear view mirror in a car. We must keep our eyes on what’s ahead! My husband & I are newly retired, and plan on leaving our home in Green Bay to move up to our lake home in northern WI. It is an exciting time. I am anxious to move to the “north woods”, but am also a little leary of not having so many friends around. I look forward to meeting new people, taking the time to do the things I like to do, and also to get into some volunteering in my new community. My eyes are open wide!

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