Delay ≠ Sidetrack

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"Where Are You Going?"

side trip
a brief excursion off the main route of an itinerary, as to visit a particular person or place.

 verb (used with object), verb (used without object)

1. to move from the main track to a siding, as a train.

2. to move or distract from the main subject or course.

From time to time, life  (aka challenge or interruption) begins to get in the way of my time-bound Vision, my business plan and my  goal timeline. Just listen to me – My, my, my.  It’s all about my.

If you have been following this blog, you know that I’ve been reinventing myself since the first of the year. True to my nature, I’m diligently and insistently working to keep any and all negativity and delay out of the picture so that I can careen toward success (as defined by my relentless standards).

It’s an interesting scenario, however. If this were a math problem and not a career reinvention, I would tell you that in this equation, I am solving for multiple unknowns. A mathematical approach is a mis-match for a career reinvention. I can do the monetary math, but knowing what my career will look like takes time to unfold.

I was all entrenched in my written plan for career expansion back in April when I started to veer from my straight and narrow path. I could feel the pull by the end of May. I’d intended to complete two specific  business projects by June 1st. Here we are in August, and I’m nearly ready to complete these projects, but I’ve had some side trips in late spring and early summer. I’m realistically looking at October 1 for project completion now.

While I was moving through my side-trips, I was concerned that I’d been side-tracked. Looking back, how wrong I was. These side trips have added dimension, clarity and financial foundation to my larger business plan. I have advanced far more significantly as an entrepreneur than I would have imagined in January. I have experience under my belt in a number of categories that I didn’t possess at the beginning of the year. My question at the end of each month is now: What have I learned in the past 30 days, and what are my priorities? I am happy to report that my key priorities are still my key priorities. All is well.

I challenge you to look at your intentions for 2011 as they were written or committed to memory on New Year’s Day and look at how your year has unfolded. The marble on which we live is spinning at the same speed it always has. The energy feels rather accelerated, so there’s a strong chance that you are feeling incremental advances or delays more strongly than you have in the past.  You may be coming to conclusions and decisions more rapidly than you have in the past.

And finally, remember that the side-trips you may be making on your path to success and growth are just that and they’re not necessarily setbacks.

Have a great week. As always, I invite your comments and feedback.

~ Tess

Copyright 2011

Destiny Rising, LLC

  1. Enjoyed your “side track” post. Hope you’re enjoying your new job! I’m sure it’s a challenge. Hopefully it’s been a good change.


    • Thanks for your well wishes. I am enjoying the new job with the non-profit outisde of Chicago. It keeps me busy, along with my consulting and teaching. Enjoy the beautiful summer!
      ~ T.

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