The Thrill Of It All

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If you’ haven’t been thrilled in a while, I highly recommend it. It’s a feeling distinct from any other. You know you’re fully alive when you’re thrilled.
I wonder if everyone feels a thrill in the same way. I know that when I’m thrilled,  my breath catches in my throat and my heart and lungs are in absolute concert. When I’m in a thrilled state, I am excited and delighted, and I would love to be able to bottle it.
What is a thrill anyway? Thrill can be used as verb and as a noun . I know this, because I went to dictionary.com to to do a bit of research.  Here are the site’s #1 and #8 definition of thrill:



–verb (used with object)


to affect with a sudden wave of keen emotion or excitement, as to produce a tremor or tingling sensation through the body.


something that produces or is capable of producing such a sensation: a story full of thrills.

So, now we share a definition of the verb. What creates the state is another matter all together. Is it a sense of anticipation and imagination? Is it adrenaline based? To me, regardless of its source of origin in my system, it’s euphoric!

All of this leads me to a question for you… When is the last time you were thrilled? I ask the question, because I’ve had some thrills lately, and I think I’ve got a few more in store this summer. I’ve got some standard thrill producers – Driving up my street in anticipation of seeing my husband after a business trip, or receiving a bouquet of roses unexpectedly. Today’s thrill falls into a different sort of category. It’s an appreciation based thrill. I’m thrilled because my life and career are unfolding in ways that I’d only hoped it would. The thrill isn’t financially based. It’s possibility based. It’s invitation based. It’s soft-landing based. I’m about to start new work, new relationships and I’m moving one or three or five steps closer to hatching some plans.  Right now, right now is producing a thrill. I’ve somehow, with belief in possibility, turned “wouldn’t it be nice if?” into “isn’t it great that?”

I’ve found that thrills most commonly occur when I’ve shaken-up my life up like a snow-globe, or like popcorn I’m making on the stove. If I just let things sit there, they tend to settle, and so do I.

My question to you as spring moves into summer, and with 2011 nearly half-over is “Is you creating opportunities to be thrilled in your life or are a body at rest, avoiding the swirling snowstorm in the snow globe? Might this be your summer of love, or your summer to spelunk or your summer to apply to grad school? One of the best ways I know to create some movement is through a visioning or planning process. Conveniently, my workshop “Building A Powerful Vision Board” is about to launch online (It’s part of my thrill).  When the course launches,  it may be a great way for you create a plan to live a bigger, brighter life and to speed that plan along.

Until then, ponder the question and I wish you well.

As always, I welcome your comments and perspective.

~ Tess

Copyright 2011

Destiny Rising, LLC

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