Add one more day to your week: “Some-day”

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Mark Your Calendar!


As I read the news nowadays, I am constantly reminded that everything can change in a New York minute. Life can be taken away through natural disaster, Pluto is no longer a planet and they’ve discovered a 13th zodiacal sign. What is the next amazing discovery of our time?

What IF  the next discovery and headline  is that there’s a day in the week we didn’t know about? And what if the day is called “Some-day”? Let’s just pretend for a moment that it is real.  Man, are people going to be happy now. Everyone’s been talking about “Some-day” for decades. And better yet, everyone has plans for “Some-day”, so no one will waste any time. They can start the company they’ve been talking about for years. They can spend more time with the kids, buy a boat and start saving money for retirement.

For most people, “Someday” has been elusive. It’s been the dangling carrot…just-out-of-reach and just around the corner for a long, long time.

The question I have for you, is “What would you do if “Some-day” really were added to the calendar? Would you have the tenacity to reach for your dreams?

Share your thoughts and as always… Make It A Great Week’

Copyright 2011, Destiny Rising, LLC

  1. What an interesting thought! I think I will write “someday” here and there on my calendar and do some fun things that I have been putting off!

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