Begin Again 2011

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Categorize Your Toolbox

January is my favorite month. This sounds strange to many people, but I’ve come to simply adore the opportunity to “Begin Again”.  January is a chance to embrace change, become a better budgeter, keep a cleaner house, make a difference in the world and celebrate the peace and quiet after 6 weeks of Holiday dining, visiting and buying.

This January is a particularly exciting month. This year, everything old is new again. Nineteen Januaries ago was the last time that I started the new year in a home office. My apartment/office was on the 3rd floor of a building on West Wilson Avenue in Chicago. At that time, I was an enrollment counselor at a Women’s College. At that time, I was preparing for the adventure of working for myself. Life comes full circle. This year, my home has become my office, and I’ve launched my own training and consulting firm.

Oh-How-The-World-Has-Changed: In January 1992, there was no Internet. Faxes arrived on thermal paper. We used calling cards to cover the expense of business calls, and pagers were just coming into vogue. Today, I don’t own a land line, I scan documents and send them electronically, I have unlimited calling, text and web access for $50.

Oh-How-Launching-A-Business-Feels-The-Same: While everything outside of me has changed, the physical response to the excitement and challenge of launching an enterprise feels strangely like it did long ago. While I may appear to the world to have my superhero cape blowing in the wind, it’s very scary! Roller coasters haven’t changed much, and neither has the range of emotion association with a new venture. Here’s the best part, however:  I’ve got a far better toolbox than I did “back in the day”.

Making a list of the tools in your box (your skills, your talents, your life experience) and a list of the resources that are truly at your fingertips (thank you Technology) to fill in your knowledge and skills gap is a great way for you to count to three before you jump.

So, let’s create a tool list for your “Begin Again” Adventure!

1. Credentials/Career Experience – List what you have

2. Experiences that will lend to your success (volunteer and life experiences)

3. Personal Strengths – What about your and your innate personality/the way your brain works moves you to the front of pack?

4. Perceived “needs” – Credentials, knowledge, classes

Once you’ve completed this list, you’ll be ready to start a plan. Feel free to send me an e-mail at tess@destinyrising.com to schedule a free consultation conversation about prioritizing steps to set your course for a successful 2011!!

Make it a great week 🙂

~ Tess

Copyright 2011

Destiny Rising, LLC

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