A Most Curious Day

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Today is a most curious day. Yesterday, I said my goodbyes to friends, colleagues and job at a major health charity. Today, I am an entrepreneur, launching my company and my consulting practice.

Have you seen movies where someone boards a Greyhound bus from a major city and then disembarks at some spot out in the desert?  The camera pans out, and there is nothing to be seen for miles, except a fork in the road and some telephone poles. Generally, apart from the wind, remarkably calm and quiet. You wonder just what in the world will happen next for the character. Well, that’s me today. It’s a most curious feeling. Maybe I need to get a pair of cowboy boots, a red vest, denims and a cowboy hat and take my self to a diner today for a bit of diner wisdom and a slice of cherry pie. Doesn’t that sound lovely?

There’s a part of me that wants to jump on the phone, get right to it and make those first appointments so that the revenue stream can begin. Then, there’s the wiser part of me that is telling me to relax for just ONE day. Tomorrow and its complexities will arrive soon enough.

For today, I am giving myself the calm, the permission and the luxury of living between two worlds. Tomorrow, I will let my discipline, direction and ambition take over as I begin a most curious journey for 2011.

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