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Crystal Clear Message

Crystal Clear

“Moments”  – The real game-changing moments in life are rare. I can count on two hands the moments that changed my perspective on life.

I had one such moment yesterday. Here’s what happened: I met a dear friend for coffee and conversation. It’s a frequent occurrence.  I live about 150 miles outside of Chicago, so visits to Starbucks offer the essence of urban I miss from days gone by.

Our coffee meet-ups are my opportunity to be authentic and to be who I am becoming. Sometimes we share stories, sometimes we share our plans for the futures we hope to build. Yesterday, we compared new books. As we settled in, I had the sense that the messages that the books my friend brought were simpler and more on point than the tales of epic proportion that I brought to the party.

From that simple coffee and conversation, one of my “moments” dawned.  I am sharing the message from one of the books she shared with me.  The video is not even 3.5 minutes in length. Its impact may last a lifetime. It will for me.  I’d love to hear what it means for you.




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  1. Tess, there is a problem with this selection I listened to: IT ENDS. I want it to never end.
    I also love Yo-Yo Ma. And the Rolling Stones… and Juanes of Colombia. And Robero Carlos. And so many more… depending on my mood. I listen to music when I translate and it makes me feel like there is hope of having my “real life” back and not working all the time!

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