At the Just Right Place At the Just Right Time

In Uncategorized on 2010/08/04 at 9:45 am

All Systems Go!

This last week involved career travel. As I headed out of town, suitcases in hand, I felt as if I was lugging along an extra bag. The bag was heavy and cumbersome. Its tag read “Now? Now? Now? Now?”

Lucky me… life gave me some signals last week. While immersed in my day to day profession, I received some some soul food . As a result, I’m connecting the dots and gaining the confidence that I need to take the leap into my great future. I think I’m moving closer to now, Now, NOw, NOW! I can tell that I’m at the just right place at the just right time.  Now is when I need to trust my own processes.

What I’m doing to accelerate my process is creating individually themed 8.5 x 11 boards, along with lists of my ideal future.

These two activities help me to gain momentum and clarity and to set a trajectory for my future. Join me on the journey 🙂

I invite you to share how you concentrate and find your way to your future.

Copyright 2010 Destiny Rising, LLC

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