Plugging in

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Feeling Unplugged?

Have you ever felt disconnected or unplugged from your direction or energy? It happens to all of us from time to time.  When it happens, it can shake your confidence and make you wonder if you’ve lost your vision.

Regardless of where you are on your journey,  pausing to plug into familiar things that  energize and make you feel whole can be a great way to  plug bag into your direction and vision.

So it was for me last weekend. I’d had a particularly demanding month,with projects that required most of my waking hours. I began to feel distanced from my entrepreneurial energy vision, goals and plans. All of my waking energies were required to satisfy my employer.  Having taken my eye off of my future for just two weeks, I began to feel that I’d slipped into an abyss and had a growing fear that my passion for my budding business is waning, and that I’d lost my passion for my future.

I’m pretty good at that doubt stuff. Luckily, I gave myself the gift of  a weekend quiet all to myself. Here’s what I did, and I hope that you can find a few ideas for plugging back in when you feel a bit disconnected:

On Friday night, I went to the local video store.  Rather than renting new releases, I found two movie classics that are among my favorites. These movies take me back to earlier phases in my life. The first is Baby Boom with Diane Keaton.  Her character is strong and quirky, and offers a lesson about adversity, love and triumph. This movie started to recharge my batteries. Next, it was time for a late night viewing of Bridet Jones’ Diary. I simply love the story and the rhythm of success and failure and love lost, love found quality of the movie. These movies kept me up later than usual, but I was relaxed, rejuvenated and emotionally renewed.  My movie friends and their human frailities and successes made me feel whole again.

The next night, I went out to dinner with a professional colleague of twenty years ago. She has been a friend and mentor for two decades. She knows my journey and appreciates the chapters of my life.

Finally, on Sunday evening, I met up with a former work colleague who reported to me in a job seven years ago. Spending time with him reminded me of the mentor I can be to others.

The memories and the company I found in that 48-hour period reconnected me with what I believe to be the best parts of me. I am once again on the track, with future plans in order.

I hope that you find something of value in my method of plugging back in. I welcome your comments and stories.

Make it a great week!

Copyright 2010,  Destiny Rising, LLC

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