Hang On Loosely

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Hang On Loosely

Hang On Loosely

You know that moment? You’re not certain if it’s coincidence, providence or manifestation. All three words  can be used to describe those moments when something you’ve been thinking about or hoping for comes to pass, or when someone shows up, about whom you’ve just been thinking.

I’ve come to simply accept these moments as part of the process of becoming. When I try to have coincidences, they rarely happen. It’s when I’m “living in the moment” that they occur one after the other.

Just last week, I was in Kansas City. I was working on a work project but in the back of my mind, I know that I am currently working out some life choice elements.

Here’s what happened: I was at Panera enjoying a quick lunch when someone connected with and central to my secondary theme walked into view and right past me.  I’ve encountered him not once but both times I’ve been in Kansas City in the past three months – without deliberately intending to. This encounter was another in a series of specific people showing up in my life to forward a plot without my conscious intention. But they show up for a reason. Such coincidences are a part of things beginning to move and shape my future.

The coincidence players don’t usually know that they’re a part of some decision process. In this instance, the gentleman didn’t see me. He simply passed through the restaurant without noticing me. However his appearance was symbolic. He was part of a thought pattern, there to advance whatever it is that I’m manifesting right now. There was a message there for me. I’ll figure it out in time.

In those moments when life makes the connections and forward the action, I take notice, but don’t register the relevance right then and there. It just feels oddly “right” that the encounter is taking place . It’s only afterward that I put 2 and 2 together. When I was younger, I would analyze such moments over and over and over to create a story out of them. Now, I just accept the moments and realize that they are part of the plot.

The same thing happens in your Vision Board work. Let’s assume that you’ve got a picture of what and who you want in your life. I offer a simple exercise this week. Spend 5 minutes with your board or simply sitting in a quiet place focused on your picture of your future. Choose 3 things that you want to have begin to vibrate more strongly for you. Write them down, if you’d like or just commit them to memory. Then, let go of that concentration and intention for a few days. You’ve made the ask. Hold onto the next few days lightly. Don’t have major expectations.

About a week letter, return to your vision board, and soak in all of its elements. Think back over your week to discover if some vibrations and messages related to your vision may have started to present themselves to you. Negative as well as positive occurrences may have messages. If this works the first time, great. If not, try it over again. Sometimes it takes practice to learn how to ask and receive. At the very least, learning to hang on loosely is a lovely skill to develop.

Let me know about any divine coincidence experiences you have had!

Be well.

Copyright 2010 Destiny Rising, LLC

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