Sunrises = 17,880 And Counting

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Amazing Sunrise - AGAIN

I’ve been on vacation this week. I have absolutely loved it! Within this week, I’ve seen an ad three times from the Michigan Ad Council. The narrator talks about the fact that we all get 25,000 mornings is all we humans get, give or take. I just did the math, and if I heard the man correctly, this number would be based on a life expectancy of 68.5 years. If my calculations are correct, I’ve had 17,880 of mine, as of today. Wow! I think that I’d better change my ways if I want to really rise to greet and appreciate the remaining  7,120. By the way, I certainly expect to add about 7,300 to that life’s average. Even with the additional 7,300 it makes me aware that the resource called “time” is precious, and doesn’t get replenished. This is it. This is life. It’s not a dress rehearsal.

The commercial creeped into my consciousness and made me wonder, “Am I accomplishing what I’m here to accomplish? Am I trying too hard to have a unique and impactful life or am I not trying hard enough? Am I making the bold choices that will shape my destiny?” I think that I’m throwing myself at life, but can I really be sure? I’ve had hope and dream ripples within each decade of my adult life. And yet, I don’t feel that I’m there yet.

More than ten years ago, I worked for a company that taught me an important lesson in life. We lived the motto daily “Plan the Work. Work the Plan.” Each day, we reserved 45 minutes to plan the next day’s work. The following morning, we worked the plan and planned the next day’s work all over again.

In my own work and in my workshops and training, I am making every effort to live to the wise corporate motto.  If you have had a life change or transition that has left you wondering “What Next?” or “What is my real purpose?”, then I invite you to sign up for my blog and consider joining me for an upcoming workshop (go to http://www.destinyrising.com).

Participating in the work I offer will really help you rev up your life. Even if you just check in occasionally, you can watch the Destiny Rising journey from your couch. Whenever you decide that you’d like to jump into the stream, you’ll be welcome.

In the meantime, enjoy your sunrises and try to be present for as many of them as possible. How about starting tomorrow? There’s not time to waste!


Have a great week 🙂


Copyright 2010 Destiny Rising, LLC

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