You’re Invited to a Summer Special Event on 06/19!

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Windy City - My Hometown

About a year ago, I started working toward a new venture titled “Destiny Rising”. I have combined my creative, business and training experience into a venture that will help people define, clarify and  move  in the direction of their career and personal goals. In short, I work with people to create a vision for their future

So many people talk about wanting to start new companies, change careers, and have greater personal and professional success. Interestingly, people know that they want to head in some direction, but they don’t know how to start or chart a course of action, so they end up in a circular conversation and don’t have the fun and satisfaction of living a life they love.

I know dozens of people who are at a fork in the road. You may fit into one of these categories, or know people who do:

  • Your last child has started school (grade school, high school, college)
  • You’re newly single and want some great new direction in your life
  • You’ve spent the last decade(s) supporting a spouse in his or her career pursuits and now it’s your turn to pursue your dreams
  • You’ve been downsized
  • You’ve been working for “the establishment” for most of your career and it’s time for an entrepreneurial endeavor
  • You’re an entrepreneur and you’re feeling a bit stalled
  • You’ve got a nice retirement nest egg and now you are looking for purposeful work

If you fit in one of these categories – this workshop is for  you! I’ll be presenting  “Building a Powerful Vision Board” in the Chicago area on Saturday, June 19th. It’s interactive, it’s fun, it produces great results and it’s a valuable step to your future.

Go to my website:  www.destinyrising.com for details.

I’d like to get a sense of the group size by June 13th, so if you can respond by then, I’d appreciate it.

Have a great week!


Copyright 2010 Destiny Rising, LLC

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