Nice and Easy Does It Every Time

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At my first home, I proudly built a garden box next to our tool shed. I was bound and determined to experience grand success as an agricultural novice. So, in my 8 x 8 foot patch, I planted lettuce, strawberries, carrots, eggplant, pumpkins, tomato plants and  a grapevine. Yes, I decided that perhaps I could start a vineyard on the chicken wire surrounding the patch and really optimize the space and make wine, too!

My new boss, a veteran gardener, just laughed and laughed when she came over to our house for a party and I proudly showed her my farm in the yard. I’m sure that my pack-it-all-in approach to gardening offered her some early insight into my approach to life and work. In fact, my business coach today often has to work with me to narrow my focus.

You may want a ranch in Arizona, with a kitchen/dining area where you can entertain, with a pond out behind your patio, a studio where you write for 6 hours three days a week to achieve your lucrative publishing career and a fulfilling relationship with a life partner who has wonderful grandchildren so that you can experience a houseful of children since you didn’t have any yourself, you want to fly to New York twice a year for a great theater and shopping experience and to enjoy the change in seasons since you have left the Midwest to move to a beautiful dry climate, and on and on and on.

While you want all of those things, if may be effective to take your goals one vibration or one vision board at a time.

My recommendations for gaining focus by simplifying are as follows:

1: Give yourself the luxury of indulging in some solitary thinking. Pick the thing you most want to have or have change in your life as your vision board project for the week. You can make a big board, or a deck of vision cards, or dedicate a few pages in a journal to some pictures with captions. Just whittle your focus to one topic.

2: Write a statement about how you’d like this topic to be present in your work and/or life in 180 days.

3: Lose yourself in your topic on the internet for 45 minutes. Set a timer and go scavenger hunting on your topic. Use your favorite search engine to find pictures and quotes related to your topic. Print as you go. Don’t spend more than 1.5 minutes on any one site, unless it’s a gold mine. Even if it is, move on after 5 minutes.

4: At the 45 minute point, review what you’ve compiled on your topic. Then, assemble your materials on your board, on your cards or in your journal. Make a mental note of how it feels to have focused on changing focus on aspect of your life for a full 45 minute.

5: Enjoy your compilation. Notice your clarity, confidence level and gut reaction to having your mind filled with possibilities for the single topic on which you’ve been focusing.

6: Make some notes about what you’ve observed about your goal/vision.

7: Write the date on your project.

8. Visit your “S.P.O.C.” (Single Point of Concentration) project for 3-5 minutes for a week.

9. Repeat with a new topic!

Have a great week, and enjoy skipping through your garden of life!


Copyright 2010 Destiny Rising, LLC


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