Order In!

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Restaurant owners Dan and Tess at "Cafe on the Park" with Holly and Andrea, super servers

I spent a fair number of years working in the restaurant industry while pursuing degrees and dreams. Long before owning a restaurant In addition to owning a restaurant I was a waitress and short order cook.

Restaurants are rather magical. As a server, you ask your customer what they want, they tell you. You write the order on your pad and clip the order on the “wheel”. You then holler “Order In!”.

As the waitress, it’s your responsibility to gather the specifics of the order so that it comes out in a manner that will make the customer happy.  You need to ask for temperature, dressings, side items, etc. If you get that right and write-up the order in the correct way, there’s no confusion for the cook and satisfaction for the customer.

It’s been my experience that life is the same way. When you ask for what you want in life be specific. State  “Order In!” and let the great Cook in the Sky serve up a banquet for you.

Here are a few ideas for filling out your order:

1. Back in the day, many restaurants offered Meat and Three  – a main course and three side items. Think about what you’re looking to have in your life and treat it as such.  Figure out what is the meat of your life and what three areas you’d like to accompany your main course.

2. Enjoy your surroundings. One of the joys of dining out is the ambiance, the atmosphere and the experience of being served. Once you’ve decided what you’re asking for, sit back and soak in your experience.

3. Leave a generous tip. Identify something that you can give back to the Universe in exchange for its being an outstanding server of life’s bounties.

Have a delicious week!


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