How excited are you about life’s possibilities?

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"I'm George"

Have you looked at a favorite photo of yourself from your childhood lately? What is it about that photo that makes you smile? Do you reconnect with the wonder and plans and possibilities that life held at that age?
For me, the photo above is just about my favorite childhood photo. I remember that hot summer day in 1966 as if it were yesterday. My playschool teachers loved that my friends and I went to “dress up day” as the Beatles. The group was all the rage, and my mother’s keen costuming capabilities locked in the certainty that I’d carry home a first place ribbon. What I love as much as the outfit with me in my skinny little Danskin leggings with the line in front, is how my genuine happiness shows through in the photo.
Today, I am as authentically excited about the possibilities in life as I was when I was 5. Through Destiny Rising, I connect with people and businesses to help them build their vision for a bigger and brighter business or personal future through a vision process called a Vision Board.
I blog, I consult and I host workshops. Both of my workshops, “Building a Powerful Vision Board”  and “Vision/Decision” will help you clarify your business goals, clear up confusion about your priorities , prepare to make bold life changes and set a path to prosperity. Destiny Rising 2010 promises to be a fun and expansive experience.  Go to my website at http://www.destinyrsing.com. Click on the Workshops button at the top of this page to register. Early Bird registration closes on April 8th, so take advantage of this discount NOW!

Please visit the Vision Boards Gallery to get a sense of how your vision board may come together.

Here’s to your future …


Copyright 2010 Destiny Rising, LLC

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