A Symphony or a Solo?

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I love the symphony, with an occasional solo moment.

I am an all in sort of gal. Generally, I like to have many balls in the air and to send and receive messages on a variety of frequencies simultaneously.  I am comfortable with this. The other day,  I asked myself why this seems to be my nature.

Why? Well, possibly because as I do a quick scan of my life, I think that I grew up in an “all in” environment.

I’m one of seven children, and I was surrounded by other families with many children. I’ve totaled my cousin count alone, and I think it’s 60.  I  don’t know 1/2 of them, but you get the picture.  Growing up,  from about age  3 1/2 forward, I shared a room with one or two sisters. Then in college, I had 2 or 3 or 4 roommates. I had a roommate after college until I was 31 years old.  At 31, the gift of “alone” was a unique and wonderful experience.  I’m married and enjoy sharing space again, but do savor the solitude that my studio provides me. I wouldn’t trade my shared  experiences in for a life of solitude.  When living in the presence of others, a person gets used to moving through life with noise and messages and input coming from many sources. In fact, you come to rely on it.

In my experience,  I’ve found that people want to share their music, their news their movies, their stories and their opinions with you at all times.

In my professional life, the group experience and opinion mirrored my personal life. When traveling with theater groups, we traveled as a group – shared hotel rooms, shared meals,  shared script-writing.   Again – lots of stimuli. When I was in staffing, we had a row of low-walled cubes so that we could all learn from one another’s interaction with clients and candidates, as well as coach in the moment.

In looking at how I “create” or visualize, it’s probably no surprise that the collage is among my favorite ways to work. After all, there are words AND pictures together, and they create a symphony of concepts. Often, vision boards have many themes in them – career, love, business, finance – all together on one board.

Recently a participant discovered that she wanted to separate out each of the themes for her vision project onto separate boards. She’d held on to the pictures and phrases she’d chosen to represent her themes months earlier, but something was holding her back from completing her collage.  It was as if each of there themes was an individual instrument that needed to be given a solo performance. The effect was powerful. When the individually themed boards were set side by side, they worked together like movements in a symphony.

So decide for yourself – Symphony or solo?

Here are some areas where you might determine which works better for you:

Do you prefer:

Working on projects in groups or working alone?

Words alone/Pictures alone or words and pictures?

Quiet while you create or music and video?

Regardless of your preferences and working style, your vision board will be a piece of art!

Enjoy the process and feel free to share your thoughts – They’re always welcome.

Copyright 2010 Destiny Rising, LLC

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