Picture your Board of Advisors

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Who has most influenced your development? Whose biography did your read over and over again as you went through school? What historical figures do you most admire? Who challenged you to be bolder, kinder, more studious or more tenacious? Who is your favorite movie character? Who is your business idol?

These lifetime influencing favorites can be with you, front and center.  This is a really simple and powerful visioning exercise:

  • Make a list of key life lessons, along with a list of  those who you believe have had a major impact on your life.
  • Make a list of favorite books and movies, along with a list of key characters.
  • Make a list of religious/spiritual/philosophy influencers.
  • Make a list of business/industry leaders who you most admire.

Once you’ve compiled these lists, move on to the next steps…

  • Determine if these people and characters, along with what they represent would serve you well and prompt you to challenge the status quo, reach for new heights, reassure you in times of doubt and offer you sage advice as you progress to your future.
  • Write out key philosophies and phrases and advice from the group of advisors you select.
  • Combine these phrases with pictures, photos , symbols or mementos that remind you of your selected advisors.
  • Create a group picture or mini-vision board that you can keep at your desk or in a place where you often seek inspiration.
  • Spend some quiet time with your completed picture, and consider the positive effect of the comprehensive wisdom of the perspectives you have compiled.
  • Proudly display your group picture. Frame it, and keep it in front of you.
  • As you go through your day, pause and contemplate what this group would advise you.

Having a council of advisors ever-present can be a great help and reassurance as you build your business or personal future and advance toward your goals.

I’d love to hear how this works for you. I welcome your comments.

copyright 2010 Destiny Rising, LLC

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